A.Walker UPVC LTD | Fixings/sealants
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About Soudal

The Soudal Professional Range is the most innovative and comprehensive branded range of sealants, adhesives, fillers, building chemicals, cleaners, lubricants and ancillary products for the construction and industrial markets.
SILIRUB® is a structured range of branded silicones for industrial, construction and sanitary sealing applications. It includes Silirub® 2, the silicone sealant reference, independently tested to ISO 11600 F&G 25 LM. Silirub® MA has been developed for use on natural stone, a notoriously difficult material. It also includes the unique Silirub® COLOR service, providing practically any RAL CLASSIC colour quickly and in small quantities. Stay Fresh is the ultimate sealant for use in sanitary and food safe applications.

SILIRUB+® is a high quality sealant range, specifically developed for the particular demands of the construction sector.
Fix ALL® branded products combine unique technology, with market leading brand value. Fix ALL® products offer simple and effective solutions for all sealing, bonding and filling applications, on all materials in all weather conditions. All Fix ALL® products are based on our proprietary SMX® Technology (Soudal Modified Xtensions) – chemical engineering at polymer level. Fix ALL® High Tack Invisible for instance is the latest SMX® Technology product, with all the typical benefits associated with Fix ALL® High Tack (high initial grab and final bond strength) but now in a totally crystal clear format.

Product Catalogue