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About Swish

Swish is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of cellular PVC profiles for roofline and cladding applications, with a name that is known throughout the industry for quality and service.
Swish is part of the Epwin Group, a privately owned group of companies supplying low maintenance building products to the new build, social housing and domestic refurbishment markets.

Environmental Responsibility

Swish cellular PVC represents an environmentally responsible use of plastics. It does not contain lead and is manufactured in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Swish takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. It has an Environmental Policy under which a continuous programme of targets and monitoring ensures that the company uses resources efficiently and that energy and water consumption and a waste of any kind is kept to a minimum.


In early 2006 Swish Building Products completed an audit of some of its cellular PVC products that were installed over thirty years ago. The condition of the profiles was such that they could be expected to last a further thirty years before replacement becomes an issue. This projected 60year+ lifespan has important implications for the sustainability of newbuild and refurbishment in both the public and private sectors.

Cellular PVC

Swish extrude cellular PVC into light, strong, weather resistant boards that will not warp, flake, crack or peel and are therefore ideal long life replacements for traditional low-grade soft timber components. A key characteristic of Swish cellular PVC is that it will not suffer from ‘pinking’ discolouration.

Swish Range Guide